Sopa de Albóndigas by Sarah Prucha

I feel the weight of the stress from having to be me all day slowly melt away from my neck and shoulders when I cook. I feel serene, which is a huge difference from feeling exhausted and stressed out the majority of the time.

My mind goes blank as I listen to my favorite Spanish music and prepare the vegetables and meatballs that I use to recreate the albondigas soup recipe that my mom made on cold, rainy days. I pour every ounce of love I have into the broth. I take great care when I add dashes of cumin and chili powder or squeezes of lime juice, tasting along the way to ensure I’m creating the perfect blend of spice and citrus. 

My favorite part of this recipe is the last step, when I combine it all, and everything comes together to create the wonderful aroma of garlic and spices. It takes me back to eating this meal with my family at the end of a cold day to warm our bellies.

When I take the first bite, my family, my childhood, and my Mexican heritage are all present. Like the recipe, they create something beautiful when put together and allowed to blend into the most gorgeous flavors and aromas. This recipe is much more than just good food. It’s my heart and soul in a bowl with delicately spiced meatballs and a spicy, citrus-y broth that eases the stress of being me.

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