The Disastrous NBA Reddit Link by Shivang Pasi

I had zero clue what to do. My best friend was over, and we were both just sitting on our chairs like old wise men. Just pondering out loud what the hell the two of us could possibly do as an activity in my room. “Let’s watch the NBA game”. I agreed, not knowing just how much of a struggle this would be. I did not have the streaming services to watch the game we wanted, but luckily, he had a plan. “Trust me, this Reddit link is safe”. So we boot up the PS4 while eating chicken nuggets with ketchup, and I let him find the link. We boot up the link, and we start watching the Warriors against the Cavs. All is going well until he decides to exit the full screen, and we see the issue with the link. There are multiple dating site ads that just pop up out of nowhere. “Dude. What kind of link did you use?” I start chuckling as I take a sip of my water and my friend switches back to fullscreen. The next second, my mom walks in and asks if we wanted more chicken nuggets. I look straight into my friend’s eyes with the most straight face, and we burst out laughing. I cannot even breathe because I am choking on my chicken nuggets, and my mom just stood there confused. It was these moments that I cherished so much – and miss. I loved every second of it all.

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