“Today was just an ordinary Friday.” by Matthew Kozacek

Today was just an ordinary Friday. The bell rang and school had just let out. I hurried to the locker room so that I could make it to practice on time. I got changed, got my gear, and was ready to go. By the time I made it to the field practice was about to begin. After our pre-practice meeting, we began our stretches. We had a simple practice today, just a scrimmage for an easy Friday. Stretching and playing catch started to come to a close and coach called us over to split us into teams. With both teams ready to go coach yells, “Play Ball!” The first inning begins and it’s three up, three down. Now it’s our turn to hit. The first batter up gets a base hit and the second strikes out. With a runner on first, it was now my time to shine. I step up to the plate and tap the outside corner with my bat, then the inside. I tap my shoulder now I’m ready to hit. The windup and pitch, strike one. With the pitcher rocking back and flicking a wicked curveball my way for a ball, now I’m ready for him. He deals the third pitch, and life slows down. With a ray of sunshine that covers the ball and the song of angels filling the air. I swing. I feel a pain like no other. Everything goes silent.

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