What Could Possibly go Wrong? by Osbaldo Sanchez

Am I going to pass?  

Did I study enough? 

My intrusive thoughts invade my mind, peaking my anxiety levels. The cold breeze whistles through the kitchen as I begin cleaning last night’s study session. I glance at my cheat sheet created for the final among dozens of scattered papers. The low dim of the kitchen light reveals endless formulas written in blue ink. My lack of sleep is reflected within those formulas but reassures me that I probably have everything I need.  

I dress for that confidence boost.  

My notes look perfect. 

All this preparation is going to make my final easy, right?  

‘I got this. What could go wrong?’ 

Before I leave, I pour cereal into a bowl to realize that we’re out of milk.  

A rapid thud echoes as the boiling water hits the empty mug. ‘It’s fine. I’ll make coffee.’  

‘We’re out of coffee roast.’ 

Breakfast must wait as I don’t want to be late.  

Heading towards my car, I notice a flat tire. ‘Great,’ I mumbled as I spot the nail.’ 

I sit on the driveway in disbelief as the emergency tire inflator rumbles.  

I head to a tire repair shop and tip the man who repairs my tire. 

‘I’m going to be late if I don’t hurry.” 

A police cruiser flashes its lights at me as I pull out of the driveway. 

Parking at SJSU is full as always. 

I get to class 20 mins late. 

Everything went wrong. 

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