Hardworking Students by Pritam Shenoy

Hard Working Students (AA)The hardworking students that we are! There is no other point of direction that we may look to, but to just accept the fact that the life of a college student is what we are all accustomed to. Those early morning classes are what we dread the most, but the thing that makes me tick is the long, tiring drive to get to my eight o’clock class each morning. There is so little time to get ready for the day. I find myself rushing out of bed and struggling to stay awake. I can see the sun peaking over the horizon, the smell of toasted bagels in the morning. I couldn’t imagine the feeling of leaving to class on an empty stomach, so I say to myself, “You need to eat; you need the energy; there is no way you’re getting through the day without eating something!” At this point, hunger is getting to me, and all of a sudden I think about driving again. It begins to feel like my car is parked all the way on the other side of the garage. Getting into my car, I turn on the ignition, I smell the mix of gas and morning residue. I grab onto the cold steering wheel and say to myself, “Another tiring trip to another disappointing day.” I’m driving and driving and it still feels like it’s going to be forever until I get to class. “What if I get into an accident? What if I run out of gas?” The thing is you’ll never know what could happen in all this horrid traffic. Ultimately, I’m always going to look at driving to class at eight o’clock in the morning as the worst possible thing anyone would have to do in their life.

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