Let Go of That One by Taylere Domrose

Let Go

My eyes, as blue as the sky. Sitting here with sadness enveloping them, covering my life. Sounds of cries, tears of sadness and hopes for help. Feeling like the heartache is ongoing like the longest beach in the world. Dreaming of the ocean, clarity, and serenity like days at the peaceful sea. Thinking of the sweetest love I’ve ever known that now tastes sour and feels cold like the glaciers of a wintertime Iceland. Trying to escape, to breathe, to find answers but feeling stuck, bound, lost like I’m surrounded by the Pacific Ring of Fire. Longing for the feeling of safe love that reminds me of the scent of warm vanilla on a cold December day. Visions of the yellow and orange sunsets coming over the Atlantic, night setting to day with a chance to wake up and feel whole again tomorrow. Disturbance filling my thoughts, anxiety running through my chest opposite of a wild beach. Searching for a shell to protect me, wishing I could consume food that would camouflage me into disappearance. Looking at palm trees outside my window, knowing, that the only one who can protect me is The Lord. Longing for mass in 6 days like it’s Palm Sunday. After all, if there’s over 2,500 species of palm trees and 7 billion people in the world, why am I stuck on one?


Taylere Domrose is a student at SJSU.

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