The First Day Of My Last Summer As A Child by Krystal Yeo

thefirstdayAs I grew in age, the thought of approaching adulthood began to frighten me. During this time I tried to avoid thinking about my future as much as possible. I was seventeen years old during this summer, in between my junior and senior year of high school. I realized that this would be my last summer as a child.

During the first day of my summer vacation, I witnessed someone who never wanted to grow up. I witnessed a woman who appeared to be grown and deeply into her years as an adult, but who had the personal characteristics of a child. I saw an adult who had never had a job for more than a few weeks and was still living at home with her parents. This “adult” was mentally and physically capable of pursuing an ideal lifestyle, but what seemed to be holding her back was her lack of motivation and fear of moving forward in life. That day, many thoughts and frightening scenarios of my possible future crossed through my mind.

Later on, instead of taking the big noisy bus home as I usually do, I decided to walk home, so that I could think about my future.

Krystal Yeo is a student at San Jose State University.

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