Got the Blues During this Drought by Melissa Weckerle

Got the blues during this drought


I remember when California would get ample amounts of rainfall every fall and winter. When I was a little girl watching the rain fall from my bedroom window, I used to think that the rain would never stop dropping from the sky. Back in the lush redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains where I grew up, memories of the dark green leaves on the trees, of the wet dirt below my muddy shoes, and of the large puddles that would form as the rain would fall down is all that I imagine when I think of a rainy day. Not just a drizzle that stays for only a fourth of the seasonal day but a day full of heavy rainfall and a sky that consists of large, gloomy clouds. The fresh smell that would encompass my nose and the beautiful sights of the forests that I was lucky enough to see would create a utopia in nature for me. I felt like there was no such place better than the one I was in at that moment. I want these stories I tell of the rainfall and seasonal days I used to experience to become no longer just a memory but a reality. We all know that our state needs rain for agricultural purposes and residential use. We live in a dangerous time period and each dry day we experience, many of us long for the rainy days we used to have. It is about time that my favorite seasons fulfill the requirements of what it means to be fall and winter.


Melissa Weckerle is a communication studies major graduating in the spring of 2016. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her dogs.

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