Issue One: Spring 2013

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Table of Contents

The Bolt Spring 2013 Contest Winners

First Place: Father Fights by Jezibel Delilah X

Second Place: Blue to Black by Mackenzie Haynes

Third Place Tie: The Watcher by Hillary Stangel and Night Fire by Michael Berger

“Breathe in…” by Morgan McKnight

Catch by C.

“It’s strange how slowly the world…” by Morgan McKnight

Man’s Best Friend  by Juan Renteria

Milo by Patricia Angelia

The Economy by Troy Wright

The Entire Area by David Zepeda-Campos

The First Day of My Last Summer as a Child by Krystal Yeo

The Forest by Jason Steib

“My Sophmore year…” by Amarissa Mathews

Wind by Calvin Chan

Lessons from a Hummingbird by Alena VanDrielen

Soccer Game by John Serrano

Questions by Lisa Graser

A Hot, Sunny Day by Kriselle Bulaoro


Editorial Team
Patricia Angelia
Kriselle Bulaoro
Lisa Graser
Morgan McKnight
Amarissa Matthews

PR & Marketing
Lisa Graser
Morgan McKnight

Photos & Illustration
Kriselle Bulaoro

Faculty Advisor
Nico Peck, MFA

Bolt Logo Design
Peter Max Lawrence

Special thanks to the Spartan Bookstore, The SJSU Writing Center, The Communication Studies Department Faculty & Staff, The SJSU COMM Center, and especially Roxanne Cnudde, Victoria Rodriguez, Dr. Stephanie Coopman, Dr. Kathleen McConnell, and Dr. Anne Marie Todd for making The Bolt possible.

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