Wind by Calvin Chan

WindIt is 7 o’ clock in the morning. The sun barely awakens to fill the world with its warm shine. The smell of pine and woods embraced the taste of the cold, refreshing air. Life feels peaceful and calm in this forest, and there is not a single chirp from the birds. High up in a tree, a newly-hatched baby blue jay is tucked near the edge of the nest. It was awfully plump and chubby as it could sit snugly in a person’s hand. Its mother had gone to gather grub from Mother Nature, as the early bird gets the worm, for today was especially important. The mother came  back with pink, wriggling earthworms in her mouth and chewed it vigorously to feed its young. The little bird ate the mush of what used to be worms satisfyingly before it was time. The small bird balanced on the edge of the sturdy nest, and with a nudge from the mother bird, it descended several feet. A large gust of wind hurled through the rustling leaves of the trees. The bird opened its wings; spreading them evenly among the breeze. It picked up velocity and glided upwards. It rode onto the path of freedom towards the dawn and into a world full of wonders, waiting to be explored.

Calvin Chan, an undeclared San Jose State student, likes cake. He doesn’t always eat cake, but when he does, he prefers it tastes good. The best time to eat cake is fresh out of the oven, yet he hasn’t experienced the glory because he is also the worst baker in existence. He makes up for it by doing the things he’s already good at like eating cake.

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